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Elaine from Jamele Skin Centre and I recently came across a perplexing situation. She had a client with eczema on her body and had been given her Soothing Mist and EC Lotion B to treat it. This combined with an internal programme was giving her good results and her skin was tracking along nicely.

The problem arose when she gave the client the Hypersensitive Regime for her face. The client wasn’t experiencing any problems on her face but Elaine decided that this was the best approach given that the client was obviously sensitive and had also been using poor quality skin care on her face.

After a week or so on the hypersensitive regime, the client started experiencing dryness and sensitivity on her face even though her body routine was going well.

We thought it might have been the Lavender Facial Aromatic Oil so Elaine requested the client pop back in to the clinic and swap it for Avocado & Sesame Oil. When the client returned her Lavender Facial Oil, Elaine was surprised by how much she had used in just a few weeks.

Simply soaking with her Rose Soaking Drops and then applying Avocado & Sesame Oil seemed to be doing the trick until a week later when her skin took a turn for the worst.

This was very confusing and Elaine and I spent a good half an hour on the phone trying to solve the mystery. We reviewed the evidence again, looking for clues. When we thought about her excessive use of the Lavender Facial Oil, we wondered, what else she might be overusing?

We were onto something. When we asked her some more questions we discovered that she was overusing her Rose Soaking Drops, using 8-10 drops each time! This was causing the mysterious dryness and sensitivity.

Remember, Janesce Soaking Drops are pure essential oils mixed with a coconut derivative to help them emulsify in the water. Only 2-3 drops should be used.

So if you have have a client with unexplained sensitivity, this is a good case to remember. Sometimes client’s love the fragrance of the soaking drops so much that they add far too much to their soaking water.

I’d love to hear some of your skincare detective stories. What hunches or clues have you followed that have led to ‘aha’ moments?

Janine Tait | Skin Detective


  • June 14, 2017

Jeanine Chell Shares Her Story

Jeanine Chell is a gifted holistic beauty and health therapist in Westmere, Auckland who has nurtured the link between beauty and wellbeing for over ten years. She is a Janesce approved and Bestow stockist and has completed the Janesce 5 Step Skincare training programme which takes a three dimensional approach to treating skin using the best that nature and science has to offer.

At A Glance…

jeanine-chell“Before I met Janine Tait I had lost a lot of faith in the beauty industry. I knew that nutrition and lifestyle factors had a huge part to play in skin care but I felt I didn’t have the knowledge to guide my clients on what they needed. After being trained in Bestow and Jansece and seeing the results first hand, my clients and I were hooked. I have never seen such transformative results. It is an amazing feeling to help someone who has been suffering from an on-going skin condition and see them obtain beautiful healthy skin and new confidence.”

Q&A With Jeanine Chell

Can you share your journey as a therapist and how to came to do the Janesce 5-Step Skincare Training?
My training experience with Janine and Janesce has been nothing short of amazing! Before I met Janine Tait I had reached a point in my career where I had lost a lot of faith in the beauty industry. I felt that the products I worked with often over promised and under delivered.

I knew that nutrition and lifestyle factors had a huge part to play in skin care but I felt I didn’t have the knowledge to guide my clients on what they needed to do especially when it came to tricky skin conditions such as acne, rosacea and eczema.

In my 15 years in the industry I had worked with many different brands and specialist equipment and my aim was to learn as much as I could and keep my experience very broad so that I could gain a full understanding of the skin. I always keenly attended any training I could find to keep myself up to speed with the latest developments in skincare – however, there always seemed to be something missing for me.

I had suffered from acne since I was a teenager and despite working in the industry and trying everything I could, I could never get consistent results. I knew that the internal side of things was the missing part of the equation and I needed to learn more.

I was lucky enough to come into contact with Janine through her amazing range Bestow, which was recommended to me. As soon as I spoke to Janine over the phone and realised just how much knowledge she had, I knew I was onto something good. This woman knew what she was talking about!

After trying Bestow and Jansece and seeing the results first hand, I was hooked, and so were my clients! I have never seen such consistent results from any other product I have ever worked with my entire career. That is why I now won’t work with anything else.

As for the Janesce 5-Step Skincare training, it is simply the best and most comprehensive training I have ever received – and I have done alot. I knew after my first training session that I had found something that I had been searching for my whole career. It all just became so crystal clear and everything made perfect sense.

Every training session I have ever been on with Janine has been incredible and I have learnt so much not only about the science and function of the skin, but also skin nutrition.

What stood out for you about the training?

What stands out for me about Janine’s training is her vast knowledge on the skin and nutrition. She completely inspired me and reignited my passion for skincare. She is also incredibly passionate and best of all she has so much honesty and integrity, something which can be rare in our industry which is often so sales driven.

I knew that the information she was presenting was cutting edge and I couldn’t get enough of it.
What also stood out for me was the amazing ongoing support I received and continue to receive. I have never experienced that level of support from any other brand I have worked with before. She has helped make my first year of business out on my own very successful and I am eternally grateful.


Has your training made a difference to how you work with clients?

Absolutely, I work in a completely different way now with my clients and thanks to Janine, I finally feel like I have the knowledge, confidence and ongoing support to back it up. I have never seen such transformative results and my clients are incredibly loyal not only to my service but also to Janesce and Bestow. It is an amazing feeling to help someone who has been suffering from an on going skin condition and see them obtain beautiful healthy skin that they finally feel confident about, it’s priceless!

What were the highlights of your training experience?

There have been many highlights. The training sessions are exciting and inspiring. The ongoing results for my clients and my business are amazing. You come away from the training feeling as if there are no stones left unturned and I always feel valued and appreciated not only by Janine but also by the lovely team of ladies at head office. Everyone that works for Janine is lovely, helpful and always efficient. I couldn’t wish for a better mentor than Janine. I feel very privileged.


For Beauty Therapists in New Zealand and Australia


The Janesce 5-Step Training is a uniquely comprehensive programme that transforms beauty therapists into inspiring naturopathic skin health therapists over a period of several years. It facilitates a full immersion wellness experience, which is nothing short of life changing for therapists and clients alike.

  • May 1, 2016

Cold winter temperatures reduce the blood flow to our extremities, meaning our skin may not get the nutrition it needs and this can really affect your hands. If you have noticed your hands getting dry, nails brittle and painful hangnails forming, then this could be the problem.

Moisturisers and hand creams have been shown to buffer your skin from the cold. The temperature of the skin doesn’t drop as far and it returns to its base point much faster if we have applied a generous coating of cream. So don’t leave the house without a slathering of hand cream and your gloves, and whenever you wash your hands during the day, replace that protective layer with another application of hand cream.

At night, give your hands a soak in warm water containing a few drops of your Janesce Soaking Drops. Maybe use the water left over from your skin care routine. Then mist your still damp skin with your Janesce Floral Mist and lock the moisture in with your Janesce Handcream. This is the perfect treatment for supple, nourished hands and nails.

  • July 9, 2015

The moisture levels in the outer most layer of our skin are so precious, they keep our skin looking radiant, resilient and help slow ageing.

Winters biggest challenge is maintaining this vital moisture and although I would love to tell you drinking water will do this for you, it simply isn’t true. This layer is much more influenced by the ambient humidity of the environment you are in and this is where the challenge lies in winter. The cold temperatures cause the moisture in the air to condense out and as soon as you notice dew on your car in the morning, you know that we have reached those critical temperatures and the air is dryer. Combine this with the fact that heating your office or work environment also dries the air, and we have a situation where our skin will begin to struggle, can look dull and feel very dry.

Soaking helps and so does the very concentrated nature of the Janesce moisturisers as they trap moisture in. But one of the best products at this time of year is the Perfecting Gel. Rich in plant-based hyaluronin, an expensive but worthwhile active that can hold many hundreds of times its own molecular weight in water, this lovely gel helps you get the best result from your Janesce routine. Apply it morning and night after soaking and misting but before your day or night moisturiser.


  • June 11, 2015