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Bestow University was easy to understand and inspiring to listen to. Janine, you are doing an amazing job and I personally am thankful for being introduced to such a beautiful range of product and a truly inspiring person.


Jennifer Thurston | Revive Beauty Therapy

Everything was explained beautifully. The diagrams were awesome. And the EFA’s were explained was in such a way that I now fully understand the effects and how they work. I have never had it click like that before. I recommend Bestow University to other beauty therapists – it’s a great introduction the journey of learning to work from within.

Bridget Crone | Mood Skin and Beauty

I loved how easy Bestow University was to do. I didn’t have to leave home and I got all the questions answered that I was unsure about. I would absolutely recommend it to other beauty therapist. It’s a great way of learning and I now feel confident with the Bestow products.

Lichelle FitzGibbon | Element

Bestow University is a fantastic way the learn about the products and a great refresher. The sessions weren’t too long which was perfect for my short attention span! I definitely recommend it to other therapists and have already used it to train a new therapist. I could sit and listen to Janine for hours and still want to hear more. Thank you, Janine, for sharing your knowledge and stories.

Wendy Davison | Revive Beauty

The GUT-SKIN Connection Series

I am delighted to launch a new series of lessons on Bestow University called The Gut-Skin Connection.  

This is a topic that I am both professionally and passionate about it. I’ve noticed that therapists all over New Zealand and Australia are hungry for knowledge about gut-health.

Gut-health is on trend for good reason. Science is revealing what we have known in holistic skincare for decades – the link between gut health and skin health is very direct.  

My team and are passionate about gut health and we had a lot of fun producing this series for you. I can’t wait for you to watch these videos!


  • An introduction to the wild and wonderful world of the gut microbiome.
  • An understanding of how gut health directly affects skin health.
  • Simple red flags to watch for to identify an unhappy gut.
  • Insight about the importance of gut health in healing skin disorders.
  • Fascinating information about the gut-mind connection.
  • My personal story of healing chronic pain by healing my gut.
  • An introduction to three tools we created to help your clients to put gut-health wisdom into practical action.


  1. Series Introduction
  2. Understanding the Gut-Skin Connection
  3. The Gut-Mind Connection
  4. Janine’s Gut Healing Story
  5. Growing a Healthy Gut Garden
  6. Bestow Gut Love + Powder
  7. Bestow ‘Love Your Gut’ Programme


Introduction to the Gut-Skin Connection Series

jenny-300HOW TO ACCESS

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the email address and password you set-up when you originally did Bestow University. If you cannot remember your password, click the ‘Forgot Your Password?’ link to re-set.
  3. When you log-in, go to the seven new lessons on the platform beginning with the introduction to ‘The Gut-Skin Connection Series’ and complete the training process as usual.
    NB: If you have not yet completed phase one and phase two of Bestow University, you will need to complete those lessons first in order to access the Gut-Skin Connection lesson series.
  4. If you have any questions please contact Jenny on


Please note: Bestow University is only available for approved Bestow stockists.
Click Here for information on how to become a Bestow stockist.