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BESTOW WITHIN the natural food journals – Volume I and II + BESTOW TREATS – Volume I and II

We believe that nourishing your body with healthy food is important for so many aspects of your life.  It supports your wellness, energy, happiness and appearance. But so often a healthy diet is perceived as deprivation, we focus on what we can’t have rather than what we can. We would like to introduce some beautiful rituals into your daily life that nurture and support you. So we have created a selection of delicious recipes that bestow health and radiance to your being and your skin. The Bestow Within series are our collaborative project packaged in 4 beautiful recipe journals, you can read more about us below…

janine-tait-2016bJanine Tait is the owner of Lox Spa in Tauranga and the Janine Tait Group; post-graduate trainers for beauty therapists and the nationwide distributors of the Janesce skincare and Bestow Skin Food. A qualified beauty therapist for nearly 30 years she started out in business at the age of 21 when she purchased her first clinic.  Since then she has become increasingly interested in the connection between health and beauty. Janine believes that beauty is not just skin deep; it comes from the inside.  The lotions and potions you put on your skin (while important) are only half the story.  For truly glowing, vital skin, it helps to understand the secrets of working from the inside and it is this philosophy that forms the basis of the treatments at Lox Spa.  To extend her knowledge in this area Janine has spent the last four years studying Nutritional Medicine.

Janine is also an expert in the science of dermo-nutrition. From this she developed her own range, Bestow Beauty, which consists of various ‘skin foods’, recipes and information on the art of preventing skin aging from the inside with food.

sheryl-2016bSheryl Nicholson has blended her graphic design skills of 20 years and more recently, photography skills with her passion for food to help bring this book to life.
Sheryl has always been a serious foodie because she believes that the sharing of food brings people together, especially when food growing and gathering is a part of that process.

Three years ago Sheryl was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer, needless to say this has brought about a complete change of diet and lifestyle. Sheryl has become very interested in exploring the power of food as a healer. With Sheryl’s history of food blogging –, and involvement with food magazines, the creation of the Bestow cooking journals has been a natural step.


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