What to Eat to Strengthen Your Skin

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Did you know that strengthening your skin barrier can prevent you from developing allergies in the future? A weakened barrier results in ‘leaky’ skin which allows potential allergens in the environment to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin which would normally be protected from this type of exposure. 

These antibodies are then picked up by cells of our immune system and carried into our blood circulation where antibodies to these allergens are produced. Your body is now primed to react when it comes into contact with that allergen and hence, an allergy is created. 

This doesn’t necessarily lead to any symptoms the first-time you are exposed to the allergen but the next time, the newly formed antibodies will and the skin can become red and inflamed. Repairing the skin reduces the chance of potential allergens entering the deeper layers of the skin and helps stop us from developing these allergies in the first place.  

We now know that it is not only environmental allergens that can be the problem, but potentially serious food allergies can also develop this way. Food particles, i.e. peanut dust, can penetrate the skin and antibodies to this food are developed in the same way that environmental allergies are created. 

The answer to this problem is to strengthen your skin barrier and this means providing the skin with the nutritional building blocks it needs to form a strong, resilient barrier in the first place. Vitamins and minerals are crucial for the proper functioning of your skin and fats and proteins support a healthy skin structure. Fats in particular help waterproof your skin and make it less likely allergens will be able to penetrate into the deeper layers where they can create issues. The bottom line is that nutrition is important to strengthen your skin from within. 

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  • November 15, 2022
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