New! Bestow Blessings Journal

What you notice, grows.  Are you spending time noticing the big line of traffic you are stuck in, the way dinner didn’t turn out as you hoped or are you noticing the new spring blossoms on the trees or the warmth of a cup of tea in your hands?


Research shows that the thoughts you think and what you focus your attention on have direct corelations with your physical body.

In fact, it has been suggested that there are four general levels of thought:

1. Pure thought – Joy compassion, love, peace, forgiveness, gratitude
2. Productive thought – solution orientated – creates opportunity

3. Non-productive thought – Reliving the bad stuff (The Victim)
4. Destructive thoughts – self-criticism

The two higher levels comprise of positive thinking and these types of thoughts calm and focus our body and mind. They also tip us into our parasympathetic or ‘rest and repair’ nervous system and promote the production of seratonin, our happy hormone.

The two lower levels of thought are negative, pushing our bodies and minds into the sympathetic nervous system or our ‘fight and flight’ mode. Unfortunately, once in this state, it is impossible for us to produce any ‘happy’ hormones until we change our thought patterns to a more positive outlook.

We have created this beautiful Blessings Journal to help spend more time focusing on the positive; those beautiful moments happening in your life right now. The process of recording these enables you to be genuinely mindful of the experiences throughout your day that you are grateful for. Somedays it might be something big and other days something as simple as feeling the sunshine on your face.


The benefit of keeping a Blessings Journal is not just the joy it brings when you relive these moments and experiences you had during the day but also the myriad of physical changes that can occur as well. You may begin to enjoy greater energy levels, better sleep patterns, reduced blood pressure, improved attentiveness, a more positive mood and increased joy.

As time passes and writing in your Blessings journal becomes a ritual, you may have a greater sense of appreciation of your daily life and increased harmony in your relationships.


  • November 2, 2015
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