Dry hands and brittle nails in winter

Cold winter temperatures reduce the blood flow to our extremities, meaning our skin may not get the nutrition it needs and this can really affect your hands. If you have noticed your hands getting dry, nails brittle and painful hangnails forming, then this could be the problem.

Moisturisers and hand creams have been shown to buffer your skin from the cold. The temperature of the skin doesn’t drop as far and it returns to its base point much faster if we have applied a generous coating of cream. So don’t leave the house without a slathering of hand cream and your gloves, and whenever you wash your hands during the day, replace that protective layer with another application of hand cream.

At night, give your hands a soak in warm water containing a few drops of your Janesce Soaking Drops. Maybe use the water left over from your skin care routine. Then mist your still damp skin with your Janesce Floral Mist and lock the moisture in with your Janesce Handcream. This is the perfect treatment for supple, nourished hands and nails.

  • July 9, 2015
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