Maintaining skin moisture in winter

The moisture levels in the outer most layer of our skin are so precious, they keep our skin looking radiant, resilient and help slow ageing.

Winters biggest challenge is maintaining this vital moisture and although I would love to tell you drinking water will do this for you, it simply isn’t true. This layer is much more influenced by the ambient humidity of the environment you are in and this is where the challenge lies in winter. The cold temperatures cause the moisture in the air to condense out and as soon as you notice dew on your car in the morning, you know that we have reached those critical temperatures and the air is dryer. Combine this with the fact that heating your office or work environment also dries the air, and we have a situation where our skin will begin to struggle, can look dull and feel very dry.

Soaking helps and so does the very concentrated nature of the Janesce moisturisers as they trap moisture in. But one of the best products at this time of year is the Perfecting Gel. Rich in plant-based hyaluronin, an expensive but worthwhile active that can hold many hundreds of times its own molecular weight in water, this lovely gel helps you get the best result from your Janesce routine. Apply it morning and night after soaking and misting but before your day or night moisturiser.


  • June 11, 2015
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