5 cooling food types for our skin

As the days get cooler we are thinking about lots of ways to warm up… roaring fires, cups of tea and slow cooker meals…. The last thing we want to do though, is warm up our skin and cause it to become heated, appearing red and inflamed. Instead we should focus on eating the foods below that have a cooling effect on the skin.

5 food types that cool the skin and reduce redness and inflammation:

Fresh Herbs

Nature has provided us with a beautiful array of herbs, each with its own distinct flavour. Herbs are best enjoyed fresh and if you don’t have a herb garden, they are one of the easiest to grow and there is no need for lots of space either. Herb plants grow just as well in a small pot on a windowsill as they do outside so no excuses! They have amazing to throw into just about any meal and provide a wonderful garnish.

Less ‘spicy’ spices

Although many people enjoy ‘spicy’ food, curry, chilli and cayenne are particular cuplrits when it comes to heating the skin, so go for some alternatives. You can still enjoy spicy food by using spices such as ginger, cloves, nutmeg, cardamon, cinnamon, cumin, caraway, coriander and mustard seeds. These can all provide a certain ‘spice’ to your food without having the same effect on your skin.

Herbal teas

On a cold day there is nothing better I like to treat myself to than a delicious herbal tea by a cosy fire. Some of our favourites are Chai, Ecco, Rooibos, Caro and Hibiscus Flower, although if you do have a particular hankering for the taste of coffee, decaffeinated would be a better option. Herbal teas are a great replacement for those times when you would otherwise have coffee, alcohol or an energy drink. All of these not only heat but also dehydrate the skin and it is especially important to avoid red wine if experiencing sensitive skin.


Fresh seasonal fruit

Shopping at your local farmers market allows you to truly make the most of seasonal fruit. It can mean your dollars go further too as you are not buying fruit out of season from the supermarket, and let’s not forget that it is most likely to be organic and locally produced! The only fruit to be weary of are oranges and strawberries, which heat the skin, the rest are great and provide fibre and anti-oxidants, not to mention all the other health benefits.

Medjool dates and figs

When it comes to ‘treating’ ourselves, most of us like to do it with food. The next time you feel the need to ‘treat’ yourself, instead of reaching for the chocolate, which contains caffeine and saturated fats that irritate the skin, reach for a medjool date or fig. Both of these are not only delicious but provide that idea of a ‘treat’. There are a number of wonderful slices, cakes, and desserts that include these in our Treats recipe journal, created with that moment in mind.


  • May 11, 2015
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