How to Test Your Clients for Iodine Deficiency

Iodine in not readily available in our New Zealand diet so it is quite common for clients to be deficient in this important mineral.

Iodine supports thyroid function, so metabolism, energy levels and weight regulation can all be affected by a deficiency.

The Iodine Test

Paint a 4cm x 4cm square of iodine tincture on the inside of your clients forearm. If the iodine tincture is absorbed before 12 hours, they are low in iodine.

If absorbed before 4 hours – very low
If absorbed before 8 hours – moderately low
If absorbed within 12 hours or more – good levels

Addressing Iodine Deficiency

Bestow Berry Beautiful: One teaspoon of Bestow Berry Beautiful will provide half your daily requirement of iodine. It is suitable for clients with a moderately low deficiency.

Bestow Beauty Powder: If your client is very low in iodine, recommend they take one dessertspoon of Bestow Beauty Powder as this contains the highest levels of iodine in the Bestow Beauty range.



  • November 24, 2016
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