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The 7 DAYS OF ME Cleanse is a one-week clean eating detox programme. It is a gentle, effective way to detoxify and has been used successfully for over 40 years to treat skin disorders and renew total body health and energy. Click here for details. On the blog today, Beauty therapist, Gabrielle, of Pure Skin and Body in Wellington shares her 7 DAYS OF ME story.

The Cleanse Begins | Hopes and Dreams

I am a firm believer that beauty comes from the inside – there is only so much a great skin care brand can achieve without help from the inside. I am not only hoping for improved skin tone but also less bloating, more energy and, hopefully, a little weight loss.

Drinking a few morning coffees is the habit I am most wanting to break. I’m doing the cleanse with my husband whilst we’re on holiday for a week, enjoying the summer sun close to the beach.

I found the shopping guide incredibly helpful when I went to the supermarket. The book states that you may find the initial cost of purchasing the ingredients expensive – just under $200 for me, but once you have them you need nothing else for a whole 7 days.



Middle of the Road | The Challenge

I feel like crap! I’m definitely struggling with aches and pains, I feel like I have a bad flu, I also have a continual headache, plus I’m finding I will all of a sudden break out in a hot sweat. The book says this discomfort should end by day 5, so fingers crossed!

I can honestly say I haven’t missed coffee so far this week. I have replaced it with a ginger and lemon tea most mornings. Also, my husband and I brought a juicer about a year ago and have thrashed it this week with freshly made carrot, beetroot and apple juice.

I’m not having any issues with feeling hungry whilst doing this cleanse, which is awesome. I have noticed that when I eat the Overnight Oats for breakfast, the addition of the dates and seeds keep me full longer than what porridge on its own usually does.


End of the Cleanse | The Happy Ending

To be honest my overall experience was tough. Not hungry tough, just the feeling of being unwell for the first five days. But it was all worth it because I feel amazing, totally energetic and the headache finally went. I have also lost 2kg!

It’s hard to pick one favourite recipe because I really enjoyed them all. But if I had to it would be the Tuna and Sweet Broccoli Salad. The Overnight Oats totally took me by surprise. On day 1 I found them a little bland due to the lack of sugar I would normally sprinkle on top. However, by day 5 I really enjoyed this recipe and found them to be quite delicious.

The best advice I can give to those embarking on the 7 DAYS OF ME journey would be to plan ahead as the books suggests. The shopping list is fantastic and takes out all of the hard work of planning. It means when you’re feeling unwell you don’t have to think about facing the supermarket!

It’s scary to think that healthy eating can make you feel as awful as I felt those first 5 days. It obviously shows how much toxicity needed to be expelled from my body! It has certainly made me think more about the impact of food and my general health and well being.

  • March 20, 2016

The 7 DAYS OF ME Cleanse is a one-week clean eating detox programme. It is a gentle, effective way to detoxify and has been used successfully for over 40 years to treat skin disorders and renew total body health and energy. Click here for details. On the blog today, Beauty therapist, Chantelle Fox, of Pure Skin and Body in Wellington shares her 7 DAYS OF ME story.

The Cleanse Begins | Hopes & Dreams

I feel that my energy levels aren’t where they should be and often I’m dragging myself out of bed in the morning. I’m really hoping that a cleaner way of eating and kicking my coffee habit will have me leaping out of bed each day!

I have the hormonal disorder Poly-cystic Ovaries Syndrome and find I can get a lot of congestion around my chin and jaw area during my menstrual cycle. I’d love to eliminate the processed food and refined sugar symptoms which I’m sure are contributing to this condition.

Despite having a chef husband, I am often feel really uninspired about cooking. So I hope 7 DAYS OF ME gives me a little more motivation in the kitchen department. I can see at a glance that there are some very delicious looking dishes in the book!

My biggest challenge this week is definitely going to be organisation, especially with having a two year old at home. But the supermarket shop is completed (thanks to the handy shopping list in the book) so I’m feeling prepared! I’m pleasantly surprised at how many ingredients I actually already have in my pantry at home.

I’ve committed to giving up coffee before beginning my cleanse, which has given me headaches now but will hopefully make my experience easier during the next week. As a former barista, giving up coffee seemed impossible but alas life has gone on!



Middle of the Road | The Challenge

So far, the 7 DAYS OF ME cleanse has not been as hard as I expected. Day Two and Three were the worst. During this time I was feeling really really tired but luckily it was the weekend so I was able to sneak in a few power naps.

At this point I’m very thankful that I gave up coffee before beginning, as I think my symptoms would have been worse. I have had to cut the Aperitif down to once a day as I found I was running to the bathroom quite regularly.

Day Four, the ‘brain fog’ is beginning to lift and I’m surprised at how little I miss coffee and sugar! My mind feels clearer, sharper and my energy levels are being sustained further into the afternoon. I can confidently say the the urge for a sugar or caffeine fix is disappearing.


End of the Cleanse | The Happy Ending

This is seriously the BEST thing I have done for myself in a very long time. My mind is clear, my energy is so much better and I just generally feel better in myself. I also have to mention the 2kg weight loss and the disappearance of my bloated tummy.

The whole experience was actually much easier than I initially expected and gave me some really practical and useful tools to carry over into my everyday life. I’m especially thankful all of the new quick, healthy lunch and dinner ideas.

I actually felt less hunger this past week than I would normally. I guess this is because I was eating regular meals with good quality protein to sustain my blood sugar levels. The food was absolutely delicious and surprisingly I didn’t feel like I was being deprived. My favourite recipes have to be the Tofu Stack for Two and the Falafel Goodness Bowl. Yum!

My advice to others thinking about embarking on the 7 DAYS OF ME journey would be to just go for it! What goes into your body feeds your skin, body and soul. You deserve to spend time caring for yourself and no one else is going to do it for you. I’d totally advise giving up any vices such as coffee, sugar and alcohol in advance to lessen the shock on your body!

I thought I had a reasonably healthy diet before I started the 7 DAYS OF ME cleanse. But this week has made me realise how much junk and sugar was actually creeping its way in! This week of clean eating is only the beginning of my story and I can’t wait to share it with my clients!

By Chantelle Fox from Pure Skin and Body

  • March 20, 2016

What is the 7 DAYS OF ME Cleanse?

7 DAYS OF ME is a gentle, one-week clean-eating detox, which results in a renewed you! It offers a myriad of benefits such as clearer skin and eyes, increased energy and concentration, a feeling of lightness and well-being and weight loss just to name a few. It is a beautiful rebalancing ritual to do each autumn and spring, but can be done any time throughout the year. If you want to move towards creating a healthier lifestyle, this gentle yet powerful cleanse is the perfect first step.

Detox Without Deprivation

The 7 DAYS OF ME cleanse involves eliminating foods and drinks such as refined sugar, coffee and alcohol that overload the body. Instead you eat foods that are packed full of nutrients that support your body’s natural detoxification processes. Predominantly raw, organic foods feature in the cleanse because of their ease of digestion and the cleansing effect they have on your body. This is not a starvation detox – you will eat nourishing food regularly and will be able to continue on with your normal routines.


Renewed Energy & Well-Being

Nature has cleverly provided our bodies with a very efficient detoxification system; namely the liver, bowel, kidneys and skin. These are the primary eliminators of toxins and metabolic waste. If we eat healthy food and drink enough water, our bodies are designed to ‘detox’ naturally everyday. However, with our busy, stress-filled lives this isn’t always possible! That’s why an ‘inner cleanse’ gives your body a chance to detoxify and renew itself, and to channel its energy into revitalising your skin, body and well-being. You’ll feel the difference!

Treating Skin Disorders From Within

circle-janine“Over the years I have mentored hundreds of people through the Vital Cleanse to help heal their skin. The cleanse assists skin by removing the irritating foods that are helping fuel the skin problem and replacing them with foods that are rich in nutrients the skin needs to strengthen and heal. It ensures that the two main filters (kidneys and liver) and the four exits (bowels, bladder, lungs and skin) are well supported. This ‘clearing of the slate’ makes your body much more receptive to both internal and external skin treatment and the results more effective.” ~ Janine Tait


A Beautiful 40 Year History…

circle-janThe Janesce Vital Cleanse principles were developed 40 years ago by Adelaide naturopath Janice Sarre Smith for the purpose of preparing her client’s bodies to heal their skin. Janice firmly believed that wellness and beauty are interconnected and her Janesce Skincare range and dermo-nutrition menus are centred on this philosophy.

Reimagined for Busy Women

circle-twoDermo-nutritionist and skincare therapist educator, Janine Tait, and cancer survivor and culinary creative, Sheryl Nicholson have co-created the 7 DAYS OF ME Janesce Vital Cleanse book and value-pack with the busy, modern woman in mind. If you are not blessed with a good culinary imagination, don’t worry! Sheryl has taken the cleanse principles and created a series of cleanse-friendly recipes which are easy to make and delicious to eat. A shopping guide and meal planner set you up for success while the book includes just the right blend of information and inspiration to support you on your cleanse.

What Does The 7 Days of Me Pack Include?


The 7 DAYS OF ME Vital Cleanse Pack sets you up with everything you need for a flawless cleanse.  It contains the 7 DAYS OF ME Vital Cleanse Book, Janesce Aperitif (100ml), Bestow Beauty Oil (500ml), Bestow Body Brush, Detox Bath Salts and Bestow Blessings Journal.

7 Days of Delicious and Nutritious Recipes
People rave about how easy, tasty and filling the 7 DAYS OF ME recipes are. With stunning photography and easy to follow instructions you’ll soon be making Overnight Oats, Salmon Parcels, Baked Falafels and Roast Pumpkin Fritatta like a pro!

7 DAY Meal Planner & Shopping Guide
If you are not organised with a cleanse like this you are more likely to allow unhealthy food choices to sneak in. Preparation is the key and this book is designed to help you be as organised as possible. Our strategic meal planner and detailed shopping guide do all the ‘thinking’ for you – you just need to follow the instructions.

Janesce Aperitif (100mls)
The Aperitif is a natural blood cleanser and liver tonic that helps the body to gently detoxify. It is prepared from the extracts of 14 different plants, which have been used for centuries to enhance the functioning of the main elimination organs.

Bestow Beauty Oil (500mls) This uniquely formulated blend of seed oils helps to nourish and decongest the skin. It also supports detoxification on a cellular level.

Bestow Dry Bristle Brush for Dry Brushing
Your skin is your body’s largest eliminative organ and is responsible for one quarter of the body’s detoxification each day. Dry brushing enhances this process and is a wonderful detoxification aid.

Bestow Blessings Journal
This beautiful gratitude journal has been designed to help you establish a practice of making a daily record of the blessings in each day. Gratitude directs our entire being towards health by boosting our immune system and promoting healing.

Detoxification Bath Salts
Epsom Salts are made up of magnesium sulphate crystals. The sulphates help draw toxins out from your body, while the magnesium helps ease muscle pain and tension. Enjoy a lovely, long soak that lets you relax and detox at the same time!


How Will I Feel During the Cleanse?

The Vital Cleanse promotes energy by providing our bodies with nutrient-rich foods and removing all the crutches (coffee, alcohol, refined sugar and refined carbohydrates) that give us an initial burst of energy and then drop us down again. These substances can set up a roller coaster of energy fluctuations leaving us tired and craving stimulants.  The cleanse ensures you eat regularly and avoids the blood sugar levels becoming too low, which improves energy levels. You may feel yucky at some points of the cleanse because your digestive system is adjusting to the change of food and you are withdrawing from the stimulants your body has become reliant on. After about three to four days you feel much better because your body is regulating its own energy levels without the artificial highs stimulants give you. The energy boost that comes at the end of the cleanse can be due to improved digestion and elimination, a diet rich in nutrients and improved blood sugar stabilisation.


7 Days Of Me Stories | Community Inspiration

circle-clemencyI have done many detox programs in the past and have struggled with the discipline and felt very depleted towards the end. 7 DAYS OF ME was surprisingly easy in comparison. It wasn’t a deprivation detox but more about nourishing my body and bringing it back into balance with wholesome, healthy foods.

My energy levels and appetite were well sustained between meals and I couldn’t get over how delicious and tasty the food was. My skin became significantly more radiant and clear. My energy levels increased and over the course of the seven days the quality of my sleep improved so that I woke up in the morning feeling lighter, refreshed and restored.

7 DAYS OF ME is a benchmark in rebooting my body when it is off balance.- Clemency Mutze, Christchurch

circle-hannahI love 7 DAYS OF ME as an easy starting point to make long-term lifestyle changes. Before I did the cleanse I didn’t feel healthy and I knew my current diet was the cause.

Once I began, I loved that I could feel the difference in my energy, due to the quality of the food. Before 7 DAYS OF ME I would feel low in energy in the afternoon. During the cleanse I had enough energy to get through the whole day right until bedtime. My sleeping patterns improved too.

At the end I felt cleaner, lighter and reenergized. I have always had problems with my digestion but at the end of the seven days I felt really good. I have kept up many of my healthy new habits so I can keep feeling good. – Hannah Mereana, Auckland

circle-sineadAfter doing a workshop with Janine Tait about feeding the skin from within I decided it was time to try and curb my sweet tooth. I was inspired to make some healthy changes and 7 DAYS OF ME was a great way to start this.

The book makes it so easy to follow with great, tasty recipes that don’t require purchasing too many ‘weird’ ingredients. Positive benefits for me included less bloating, more energy and weight-loss. The meals are all really enjoyable.

I was surprised at how quickly the week went and also how much better I felt. I didn’t want to stop eating this way once the week was up. I recommend 7 DAYS OF ME and all the other Bestow Food Journals to everyone. Such an easy and delicious way to get healthy! – Sinead Goodwin, New Plymouth

detox-program-fourReady To Begin Your Own Cleanse?

The 7 DAYS OF ME Janesce Vital Cleanse books and packs are available at wellness focused skincare clinics around the country. Please email us at for a stockist near you.

Want To Stock The 7 DAYS OF ME Janesce Vital Cleanse products in your clinic?

7 DAYS OF ME is a beautiful wellness cleanses which can revitalise your team, your clients and your business from the inside out. To read positive stories of salons who have embarked on the cleanse together as a team and brought their clients along for the journey, CLICK HERE. To enquire about becoming a Janesce stockist please CLICK HERE.

  • March 20, 2016