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Did you know that strengthening your skin barrier can prevent you from developing allergies in the future? A weakened barrier results in ‘leaky’ skin which allows potential allergens in the environment to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin which would normally be protected from this type of exposure. 

These antibodies are then picked up by cells of our immune system and carried into our blood circulation where antibodies to these allergens are produced. Your body is now primed to react when it comes into contact with that allergen and hence, an allergy is created. 

This doesn’t necessarily lead to any symptoms the first-time you are exposed to the allergen but the next time, the newly formed antibodies will and the skin can become red and inflamed. Repairing the skin reduces the chance of potential allergens entering the deeper layers of the skin and helps stop us from developing these allergies in the first place.  

We now know that it is not only environmental allergens that can be the problem, but potentially serious food allergies can also develop this way. Food particles, i.e. peanut dust, can penetrate the skin and antibodies to this food are developed in the same way that environmental allergies are created. 

The answer to this problem is to strengthen your skin barrier and this means providing the skin with the nutritional building blocks it needs to form a strong, resilient barrier in the first place. Vitamins and minerals are crucial for the proper functioning of your skin and fats and proteins support a healthy skin structure. Fats in particular help waterproof your skin and make it less likely allergens will be able to penetrate into the deeper layers where they can create issues. The bottom line is that nutrition is important to strengthen your skin from within. 

If you would like to learn more about human nutrition and the role it plays in the health of your skin, click here for our eCourse Basic Human Nutrition – Eating for Skin Health!

  • November 15, 2022

Are you ready to become an advanced skin health coach? Learn more about our course, Treating Skin Holistically – Become a Skin Health Coach here!

Have you found that your beauty therapy training is not enough to enable you to treat your client’s skin problems effectively? When I decided to become a beauty therapist, one of the driving factors in that decision was the idea that I could help my future clients with their skin concerns. Throughout my teens I had suffered from perioral dermatitis, so I knew how having a skin disorder could affect your self-confidence. It took me years to find a solution to the red, uncomfortable rash that is a symptom of perioral and during that time I found it increasingly difficult to ‘face’ the world. So, helping people heal their skin became a priority and when I discovered I didn’t have the tools or the knowledge to help, I became disillusioned with the beauty therapy industry.

Luckily, through the generosity of Janice Smith, a naturopath and founder of Janesce Skin Care who has worked with skin disorders all of her life, I was introduced to the idea that we need to look beyond simply using skin care products and treatments to heal the skin. Lifestyle and dietary factors are also important and can actually have a powerful influence on the health of the skin. It is only by looking at our client holistically, with a 360-degree view, that we can identify all of the factors that are contributing to the problem. Once you have identified these factors, you need to be armed with the solutions or alternatives you can offer your client so that they can make the necessary changes to heal their skin. Having this knowledge changed the course of my career and transformed a disillusioned beauty therapist into a confident skin health coach. 

It was with the intention of sharing this knowledge that I developed an advanced holistic skin training for qualified beauty therapists. I have been grateful to learn the techniques to treat the skin and I’m keen to ‘pay it forward’ to other therapists who share my passion of skin healing. 

This 6 month e-Course takes you beyond what you have learnt so far as a beauty therapist and introduces you to a whole new world of possibilities. Refresh your knowledge of skin structure, human nutrition and the role that our liver, gut and hormones play in the healing of skin. Learn about the lifestyle and dietary factors that drive skin problems, the tools you need to address skin healing and most importantly, how to encourage and motivate your client to make the necessary change. 

The treatment of common skin problems like congestion, hormonal acne, acne vulgaris, dermatitis and rosacea are also covered in detail, giving you greater confidence when faced with these issues in your clinic. With this knowledge, you too can become a confident skin health therapist!

Sign up to our online course, Treating Skin Holistically – Become a Skin Health Coach here! or delve a little deeper and learn more here.

  • November 15, 2022

Meri Kirihimete

Thank you so much for supporting us throughout 2020.

We know that this year has been incredibly hard for so many of you, and we truly appreciate your commitment to being part of The Janine Tait Group family.

This year we have donated our Christmas Gift Fund to the Ōtanewainuku Kiwi Trust. They are a community-based conservation trust that works tirelessly to protect the North Island brown kiwi in the pristine Ōtanewainuku Forest, located just south of Tauranga.

Throughout the year volunteers from ŌKT visit local schools to teach children about the importance of protecting our native wildlife and forests. This is incredibly important work and we are so honoured to be able to support this cause.

We started to support the Ōtanewainuku Kiwi Trust with the release of our Bestow The Graces products earlier in 2020 and look forward to continuing this important relationship year after year.

Janine, Jenny, Hollie, Robyn, Hapi & Kevin

Learn more about the Ōtanewainuku Kiwi Trust here.

  • November 10, 2020

I used to be a firm believer in the idea of ‘protecting your patch’. Having a clinic down the road with the same skincare range as me didn’t seem like a good idea at all. I liked a nice comfortable radius clear of any other potential competition. This meant that for our Janesce stockists I would also ensure they had very little competition.

However, this proved hard to achieve in our hometown of Tauranga. Being a local company, therapists in the area would invariably hear good things about Janesce and we received a lot of enquiries about stocking the brand.  We tried to deflect the interest, but I have learnt that people don’t like being told “no”. The pressure meant we took on more clinics that we really wanted to. 

It wasn’t a situation I was comfortable with and I waited in trepidation for reports of the existing clinics to start losing sales to the newcomers. To my absolute surprise the opposite happened! The Janesce sales of these clinics started growing and growing. Within a few short years we had our top three clinics all located in Tauranga. 

At first I was very confused, I asked myself “how could this possibly be?”. But the easiest way to find out was simply to ask the clinics. I was told that their clients were familiar with the brand and had heard good things about it so when their therapist recommended Janesce it was an easy conversion.  It all started making sense. 

This doesn’t always work though. If you’re lucky enough to be the only person in New Zealand to have the rights to sell a well known brand like Apple then this exclusivity will work majorly in your favour. BUT if you are the only one in your area that sells a lessor  known brand, chances are you will find it difficult to get traction. No one has heard of it and let’s face it, we all like the safety of purchasing a well-known brand. So what the clinics were finding was as the number of stockists grew it helped a lot to have other therapists spreading the same message – use Janesce!

So my beliefs around competition have changed over the years. It might feel scary to have a clinic in your area with the same brands as you but it is rare for a client to change clinics simply because they can purchase the same products there. Clients are much more therapist-centric than that. They form a relationship with the clinic and more importantly their therapist. The chances are your clinic will only benefit as the word spreads that you stock a good quality, trusted brand that a number of therapists stand behind. Recommendations to your clients become much easier to convert into a sale. 

So what does this mean? We used to automatically decline stockist requests if the clinic in question was too close to an existing clinic. Going forward we will instead be contacting the existing stockist to have a conversation about moving forward.

Food for thought?

Janine Tait
  • March 9, 2020

Janesce Re-Energising Ageless Serum is a hydrating serum containing therapeutic levels of revitalising plant actives and a very generous amount of hyaluronan to plump and smooth maturing skin. Designed for women 45+ to re-energise and revitalise the skin.

“This serum contains more hyaluronan than any other product in the entire Janesce range”
~ Jan Smith, Founder of Janesce Skincare

Liquid oxygen encourages microcirculation, sage provides natural hormonal support and silk provides a beautiful, finely textured film to seal in the botanical actives. A powerfully healing, hydrating and energising serum for maturing skin.

The Janesce Re-Energising Range

The Janesce Re-Energising Ageless Serum is part of the Janesce Solutions Re-Energising Range for women 45+. This powerful range enlivens mature skin through highly active botanical stimulation. It contains double the level of plant extracts found within the rest of the Janesce Professionals range.

Janesce Re-Energising Ageless Serum
Botanical Highlights

Sage gently supports skin through the hormonal changes that occur as we age. Promotes youthfulness and suppleness in mature skin.

Ginseng contains numerous phytonutrients to increase oxygenation and micro-circulation in maturing skin. Naturally tones and brightens.

Grapeseed Extract (O.P.C) provides powerful anti-oxidants to neutralise free radicals that cause wrinkles and other signs of ageing.

Myrhh is anti-inflammatory and powerfully anti-oxidant, helping to combat oxidative damage, which is a significant factor in skin ageing.

Liquid Oxygen promotes micro-circulation in the epidermis, encouraging the renewal and healthy functioning of the skin.

Silk provides a beautiful, finely-textured amino acid film that helps prevent moisture loss in ageing skin.

Rose is refining, hydrating and softening.  It contains MMP inhibitors to protect the integrity of collagen and elastin in maturing skin.

Lavender is balancing and soothing and also has anti-ageing properties as an MMP inhibitor.

Rose Geranium is a beautifully feminine essential oil, which promotes self-love.

Rosewood is soothing and relaxes the psyche.

Lemon Myrtle is refining and helps balance oil flow for the skin.

INGREDIENTS: Lavandula angustifolia (lavender water), backhousin citriodora (lemon myrtle water), rosa canina (rose water), glycerin, vitis vinifera (grapeseed extract), extracts of lavandula angustifolia (lavender), rosa centifolia (rose), salvia officinalis (sage), panax ginseng, silk amino acids, liquid oxygen, sorbitan laurate; essential oils of pelargonium rosaeodora (rose geranium), anita rosaeodora (rosewood), lavendula angustifolia (lavender), sorbitan laurate, phenoxyethanol, ethylhexylglycerin, ethanol.

Who is the Janesce Re-Energising Ageless Serum suitable for?

This powerfully therapeutic, hydrating and energising serum is designed for woman aged 45 and over.

Because the Janesce Re-Energising Range is so potent, it is wise to prescribe these products to clients who have been using Janesce for some time. Only dedicated Janesce users will have skin strong enough to benefit from the high levels of plant actives without overstimulating the skin.

How to Prescribe | Partner Products

The Janesce Re-Energising Complex is the hero of the Re-Energising Range and the other four products provide complementary botanical layering to energise and stimulate mature skin.

We recommend that you prescribe the Janesce Re-Energising Ageless Serum together with the Janesce Re-energising Complex, Janesce Re-Energising Dew and Janesce Re-Energising and Renew Cream.  This will build beautiful layers of energising botanicals into your client’s skincare regime.

The final product from the range will be released later in 2019.


The Janesce Re-Energising Ageless Serum blends therapeutic plant actives to treat the skin with very high levels of plant-based hyaluronan – the highest of any Janesce product, in fact.

Hyaluronon attracts and holds moisture in the epidermis, which is essential for counteracting the water loss that occurs in ageing skin.  Incorporating this serum into a client’s skincare routine will helps to promote plump, hydrated skin with the trademark Janesce glow.

How to Use

The Janesce Re-Energising Ageless Serum should be used twice-daily as part of the Janesce Skin Soaking routine. Apply just before a Janesce moisturiser or night cream.

  1. Pump one to two drops of the serum onto your fingertips and gently massage into the face.
  2. Immediately follow with the Janesce Re-Energising and Renew Cream to seal in the botanically-enriched hydration.


Janesce Re-Energising Ageless Serum 30mls RRP $175

Feedback from Christine Terry | Soak Beauty

“I think this the Janesce Re-Energising Range is a game-changing range and its value is easily justified by the ingredients and level of actives that Jan has been quite ‘cavalier’ in using. Good on her for throwing out the budget! She has always been so mindful of the end user regarding the budget, but I believe some mature clients will be happy to pay a higher price for such a premium product. I can’t believe how different my skin looks. I think this takes the intelligence of the Janesce range to a new level, which is so exciting.”

  • June 23, 2019